Fresh Beef In McDonald’s Burgers

McDonald’s burgers announced Thursday that they will be offering all fresh beef for their quarter pounders across the nation starting next year. The switch from frozen patties came after conducting a series taste tests.

They will continue to utilize frozen beef patties for their smaller burgers.

Using fresh meat is a sign of growth for McDonald’s. It shows that they are listening to the demands of their customers. So far, they have already made changes to their menu. They have stopped using chicken nuggets that have antibiotics in them, and they have taken out all preservatives as well.

Other franchises, such as Wendy’s, have tried to make a mockery out of McDonald’s using frozen patties over fresh ingredients.

Turning to fresh beef and fresher ingredients means changes for the big time company. They will have to change how the food is shipped to them and how they prepare the burgers. Sadly, it also ups the likelihood of foodborne illnesses that can be spread throughout the restaurant.

McDonald’s To Utilize Fresh Beef In Burgers

Approximately two weeks ago, the burger franchise made a statement saying that they were experimenting with the fresh beef patties at over 300 restaurants in Texas.

So far, McDonald’s has tested their fresh beef patties in at least 55 restaurants in metro Dallas-Fort Worth. They have also tested them out in their northeast Oklahoma restaurants. The tests began last spring, while the fresh patties were only available at certain locations.

The testing of the “hot off the grill” burgers include measuring how customers felt about them, how they felt about the new price, how long it took to prepare and cook, and other detrimental components.

The fact that they are introducing better quality meat and other revisions helps solidify Steve Easterbrook’s position as CEO of McDonald’s. When they began their all-day breakfast menu, their numbers shot through the roof. McDonald’s only allowed the new menu change at certain locations. However, since they have made it available at all of their locations, the company has had a significant turnaround. Fingers are crossed that the new, all fresh beef patties are just as big a hit.