Quarterback Trevone Boykin Arrested

It is never good luck for any NFL player to make headline news. However, the arrest of Trevone Boykin is doing just that.

Trevone Boykin is a backup quarterback and has the NFL questioning his bad decision making. Like most NFL sports teams, they keep a watchful eye on their players during the offseason. But mostly on the players who aren’t making the best decisions. As of now, the Seattle Seahawks have concerns with their backup quarterback Trevone Boykin, even though it is off season and practice doesn’t start for awhile.

News headlines early Monday show Mr. Trevone Boykin under arrest for public intoxication and marijuana. According to police reports, it was right after a young woman crashed into a bar around uptown Dallas.

Although Trevone Boykin was not driving the vehicle, the accident resulted in injuring several people near the bar. The young woman responsible is facing three felony charges, two counts of public intoxication and assault with an automobile causing serious bodily injury. Crashing into the bar caused incalculable damage to the bar, injuring several pedestrians as well as the bartender.

Back in late December 2015, Trevone Boykin’s had another run-in with the law. When he was the quarterback at Texas Christian University, he was involved with hitting a police officer after being a part of a bar fight. After that incident, Trevone Boykin was suspended for the Alamo Bowl and was put on probation.

Once Trevone Boykin was a free agent in 2016, the Seahawks signed him after he beat Tarvaris Jackson, a veteran for the position quarterbacking up with Russell Wilson. He completed more than half of 18 passes for the 145 yards with a completed interception and a touchdown.

However, if the NFL decides to suspend him or not, the Seahawks can easily find a new backup quarterback. It’s too soon to preclude a decision with Tarvaris Jackson. And a veteran who saw the field a year ago could be on the radar. In that last situation, a quarterback playing in the National Football Conference West with a comparative aptitude set to Russell Wilson resembles a simple fit.

Trevone Boykin