London Terrorist Attack: What We Do And Don’t Know

In London Wednesday, a man drove his SUV over Westminister Bridge, crushing pedestrians and stabbing an officer to death.

Friday, London police announced two arrests in relation to the attacks. They are working to investigate the past of Khalid Masood, the 52-year-old attacker born in Adrian Russell Ajao.

From what police know, Masood comes from a rough family life and has a history of violence. Officers are focusing on why he chose to turn to radicalism, whether he was alone in the attack, and if he was given directions from an outside source.

What We Do Know About The Deadly Attack

1. Thursday, police report the death told going up from four to five. Forty others were injured.

2. London officers identified the attacker, Khalid Masood, who died during the incident. Masood has a vast criminal history, but no convictions of terrorism.

3. In Birmingham and London, eight people were under arrest after home searches of six different locations. Police said that are conducting an extensive counterterrorism analysis.

4. IS claims the assailant was a soldier of theirs, and is taking responsibility for the attacks.

5. Casualties also include twelve Britons, four Koreans, three Children from France, two Greeks, and two Romanians.

6. Thursday, the area surrounding Parliament Square was blocked from the public. However, lawmakers continued business as usual.

What We Don’t Know

1. Did officials share information on Masood? London police say he wasn’t under investigation and there was no knowledge of his intentions involving a terrorist attack. However, Prime Minister Theresa May said at an earlier time that the counterintelligence agency, MI5, was looking into Masood in relation to extremism.

2. We have no information on how serious the wounds are among the 40 or so people with injuries.

3. The accuracy of the claims by IS that they planned out the attacks. We are still unsure how much involvement the group had in relation to the incident.