AT&T Employees End The Strike

Thousands of technicians and AT&T employees in Nevada and California put an end to the strike and returned to work Thursday after the company and union came to an agreement.

17,000 AT&T employees began protesting early Wednesday morning. The strike started due to the company violating terms within their contract. They were making employees work outside of their specific job duties. Technicians were also working under old contract conditions, even though their contracts expired over a year ago. The company was also refusing to fairly negotiate a new contract.

Specifically, the protests broke out after AT&T began demanding U-Verse TV installation technicians to work on hardware and cables for their landline phone service. The union is also upset that the company cut thousands of jobs in their call centers and landline technician departments. Officials in both states sent letters regarding the issue to Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T.

Wednesday, AT&T said the protests didn’t involve wireless employees and that they were attempting to negotiate and get workers back in as soon as possible.

The agreement was on the Communications Workers of America, District Nine Facebook page Wednesday evening. The workers explain that the company recently made changes to their job requirements without the union agreeing to the terms.

For about a year, members of the Union have been working without a contract. Employees say the company has increasingly asked them to perform the work of employees that make higher salaries. However, while keeping them at the same wages. They also say that AT&T cut disability benefits and sick leave from them, and made them pay more for health benefits.

The settlement agreement details the deal between AT&T and the union. AT&T also confirmed that they resolved the strike and that their workers were returning.

AT&T Employees End Strike