Power Rangers Actor Pleads Guilty To Murder

Thursday, the actor playing the red power ranger in the “Power Rangers” TV series plead guilty to murdering his roommate in 2015.

Ricardo Medina from Green Valley admits to killing his roommate with a sword. The situation escalated after arguing over Ricardo’s girlfriend on January 31, 2015. Medina stabbed the victim, Joshua Sutter, ten times.

They began arguing at the house they shared in Green Valley, which turned into a physical fight. Investigators say Medina stabbed Sutter after he followed him and his girlfriend into their bedroom and forced the door open.

Medina’s lawyer is claiming the incident was in self-defense. Medina was on release after his initial arrest because the District Attorney refused to file charges.

However, after further investigation, he was facing murder charges in January 2016.

Medina admits to using a sword in the killing and plead to on felony charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Since the death of her brother, Rachel Kennedy has been searching for justice. She says Thursday was a great day to finalize charges since it was Sutter’s 38th birthday.

A dear friend of Sutter, Sandra Vasquez, says a new chapter began Thursday. She doesn’t feel that it is closure, but rather a celebration of his friends and family being able to live again.

Sutter’s girlfriend’s persistence in the murder case paid off at last when Medina was found guilty. Kennedy says it was all worth the fight and sleepless nights.

The Power Rangers actor is facing six years in prison. His sentencing is scheduled for March 30th.

In 2002, Medina starred as the Red Lion Force Ranger in the TV show. He also had additional voice-overs in TV episodes and video games in relation to the Power Rangers.

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