Rex Tillerson: Exxon Email Alias On Climate Change

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State and the previous Exxon Mobil CEO was talking with officials at Exxon about important climate change matters via email.

The talks on Exxon’s risk management revolving around climate change is New York’s focus on the oil company. Schneiderman’s office found the information during their investigation. They also found Tillerson using the alias of “Wayne Tracker” in his emails from 2008 – 2015, seven years.

Schneiderman says that information should have been given to their office and that the oil company never gave it to them. However, Exxon has records of over 60 emails from that email address alias. This information comes while Exxon is under investigation from Schneiderman’s office for keeping risks on climate change to themselves.
Environmentalists and climate activists are upset with the findings.

One climate environmentalist group,, wrote that this news is huge. It proves what activists have known all along: Exxon knows their products are causing climate change, but they keep the truth hidden to continue making profits. If they didn’t have something to hide, they wouldn’t have created a secret email account. There is probably even more lies and deception below the surface. Hopefully, this discovery will bring in more Attorneys General to get involved in the investigation.

This marks significant progress in the Schneiderman investigation. It shows that Exxon is aware of climate change, what they did to conceal the facts and a timeline of how long they have known. Is Tillerson worrying about how climate change will affect Exxon? Or is he more concerned about what climate change would do to shareholders and company profits?

Schneiderman’s office wrote to Barry R. Ostrager, a judge in New York, requesting the court to demand Exxon to provide all past and present documents in addition to the ones the court already has.

Rex Tillerson