Packers Add Threat By Signing TE Martellus Bennett

Early Friday morning it was reported that the Packers had cut off talks of a contract with TE Jared Cook, a free agent. However, it was rather enlightening due to the high opinions QB Aaron Rodgers has of Cook. Friday evening, they marked the big Super Bowl champion 2016 TE Martellus Bennett to a three-year contract worth $21 million.

After the Green Bay playoffs, Rodgers said that Cook needs to be at the top of the priority list with the way he’s played this year.

It turns out that the Packers were doing very well. Cook is useful for the Packers and Rogers. Bennett might be far better off if he keeps up his efforts.

The Patriots got 701 yards and 55 passes. They also had seven touchdowns, a career-high.

Bennett had no less than 50 passes in five straight seasons, spotlighted by 90-reception appearing in 2014 with the Bears.

Bennett is one of the NFL’s most vital threats as a tight end and is also a strong run blocker.

Since the Packers lost J.C Tretter to a free agent and will likely see Eddie Lacy and T.J Lang walk away too, Bennett is more than welcome to run the game.

The deal for Bennet is among the top of the TE free agents. The $7 million contract each season is the same as what Arizona offered Jermaine Gresham. It also beats Jack Doyle’s contract with Indianapolis. When things settle down, Cook will likely make a little under what they gave Bennet. However, reports say Green Bay is willing to offer Cook even more than Bennett.

If that is true, Cook may have missed a great opportunity. Furthermore, Bennett is more valuable than initially thought. Regardless of the compensation, this move could move Green Bay over the top in the NFC. Bennett is expected to be a dangerous and consistent threat next season.

Martellus Bennett