Nestle Wants More Of Michigan’s Water

Bottled water is the greatest scam in history. Companies that produce bottled water put the product that anyone can access in a plastic container and charge dollars for the same quality.

The American trend of bottled water results in tons of plastic waste every year. Nearly every circumstance, like the Flint water crisis for example, prove that bottling water is totally unnecessary.

Many wonder why the state of Michigan would allow Nestle to take billions of gallons of fresh water every year. Nestle will make significant profits while only paying Michigan an administrative fee of $200.

However, it is the perfect business plan. Pay almost nothing for the product, market it, and sell it at a much higher price.

For the past decade, Nestle has pumped natural spring water out of Evart, Michigan for their Ice Mountain brand.

The company was applying for an increase in water quantity two years ago, raising it to 400 gallons per minute from the current 218 gallons. Conservationists filed a lawsuit to limit the amount to the 218 gallons. So apparently, their solution is to increase the amount taken from another pump in the area.

The increase of 167% would be a significant draw on Michigan’s natural water sources.

Regardless of how unnecessary it is, the bottled water industry is here to stay. Revenue for these products is currently over $15 billion every year, and they expect those numbers to increase.

However, we need to be intelligent about it.

Last year, after inadequately approving Nestle’s request, the Department of Environmental Quality in Michigan was looking more in depth into the permit increase. At the order of Heidi Grether, the new director, MDEQ is extending the public comments for the request. They are asking Nestle to give more documentation proving the increase will not harm the environment or Evart.

Nestle Wants More Of Michigan’s Water