What An Abusive Relationship Taught Lily Collins

Lily Collins first book, Unfiltered, has recently been released. Unfiltered is a collection of essays written by Lily. The actress usually stays low-key, but her essays are deeply reflective and very personal.

For example, she discusses her past relationship, which was emotionally and physically abusive. Collins says including that part of her life in her book was hard. However, she hopes it will inspire other women in similar situations.

Abusive relationships vary significantly from person to person, but it’s up to the individual to decide the best path. In Collins’ case, she found a way out of the unhealthy relationship she was in. Lily knows it can be hard to realize that it’s okay to put your needs before others. It’s also important to make yourself a priority, especially regarding your well-being and overall health.

Lily says it’s not selfish to realize that some relationships aren’t healthy for you. You need to know yourself well enough to remove yourself from the situation. You can still love and care about that person, but you need to put yourself first.

She also reveals that this part of her life is a hard topic to discuss because she always blames herself for ending up in toxic relationships to begin with.

Collins says she always wondered why she put herself in this situation. She felt ashamed but never regretted leaving it behind. Through writing, she found a deeper understanding. You grow stronger by taking the shame out of these situations.

Lily Collins took to social media to remind her fans that everyone’s abusive relationships are unique. She says her book isn’t about the people in her life, but everything she learned about herself along her journey. It’s not about criticizing anyone but sharing her experiences to help others get through similar situations.

Lily Collins