Infant Death Over Pressure To Breastfeed

Jullian Johnson was ecstatic when she gave birth to her newborn baby. However, 19 days after having him was sadly her last. The mother claims that her son Landon died due to accidental starvation. She says that she was under pressure to breastfeed to no avail.

Landon could have lived.

The new mom made a blog writing for a non-profit called Fed Is Best. Jillian Johnson spoke on how she wishes she could go back to that day and do something different. She said that if instead of breastfeeding him she should have given him just one bottle of formula, then he would still be alive today.

Fed Is Best is an organization that advocates for a woman to breastfeed instead of bottle feed their childer. They support the idea of supplementing with formula if necessary but suggest for women to feed their children by breastfeeding. The organization started when they received a lot of stories on people who have accidently starved their children.

During the first weeks of Landon’s life, his mother’s supply of milk was not enough for the baby. The ending result was the child starving and passing away within the next few of weeks. Johnson never imagined that her not having enough milk and feeling the pressure to breast would be what killed her child.

Ms. Johnson chose to share her story with others in hopes that they take the time to educate themselves and other mothers as well. It is her hope that other moms won’t have to go through the devastation of losing a child like she did. Even though Jillian can’t take back time, she prays that she can help another woman in need, especially new mothers.

Nowadays new mothers are told that breastfeeding is best for their child and that doing so helps the baby in numerous ways as they grow. On the other hand, many mothers can’t breastfeed and choose to use formula and bottle feed their children. Every woman’s body is different, and some can not produce enough milk for their child.

Breastmilk is perfect for newborn babies and has natural attributes to help the baby grow that can’t be found in formula. However, what’s more, important is that the baby gets fed and they receive breast milk or formula. All babies lives matter.

Pressure To Breastfeed