Due To NBA Finals, Matt Barnes Has Trial Postponed

Matt Barnes, forward for the Golden State Warriors, was able to get his misdemeanor assault case pushed back Friday. Since he is likely to play in the NBA Finals, his lawyer was able to argue his client’s defense and won.

Shayna Jacobs, a reporter for the New York Daily, comments that attorney Alex Spiro spoke with the court on Friday. In his statement, he said that he firmly believes that his client Matt Barnes will be playing in the NBA finals. In agreeance, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge postponed the next hearing for Barnes to June 27th.

Barnes has only been playing with the Warriors since last Thursday following Kevin Durant’s injury.

The 36-year-old is currently looking at charges for allegedly strangling a woman and her significant other during a fight last December in a New York City nightclub. The charges include obstruction of breathing and third-degree assault.

Spiro said that there is reason to believe that the complainant and their party were under the influence of alcohol. He also states that there was reason to believe that they were using substances and that they were the primary aggressors. Also, at the club that night was a former Sacremento Kings team member, DeMarcus Cousins. This all went down at Avenue nightclub.

Back in January, Cousins was acquitted of all wrongdoing, and is not considered a suspect in this case. Marc Stein of Espen.com reported back then that Cousins and Barnes were both included in the civil lawsuit.

Because of the decision made Friday, Barnes can now breath a bit easier and put more focus on finishing up the NBA season with a bang. So far, Golden State has had to play against the Clevland Cavaliers twice in the Finals. Though they won back in 2015, the title slipped their grasp last year after Clevland took a 3-1 lead.

It’s looking as if the two dynamic teams will meet again in the near future. The Warriors and the Cavaliers are both ahead in their conferences. Currently, the Warriors record is a whopping 50-11 in the West Conference. And the Cavs are looking great at 42-18 in the East conference.

As of now, the latest date for the 2017 NBA Finals to come to close is June 18th.

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