The Bond Between Donald Trump And Jeff Sessions

President Donald Trump may be following in John F. Kennedy’s footsteps. John F. Kennedy’s choice on his attorney general was his little brother, and Trump has chosen to do something similar.

The first Senator that endorsed Trump was Jeff Sessions, during a time when very few Republicans were behind him. His early and strong loyalty created an incredible bond with the president. Now Sessions can enjoy endless access and priveledges few are given.

Rick Dearborn and Stephen Miller, two former Senate advisors of Session’s, still hold important roles in the White House. And officials say Sessions remains in regular contact with them. He is also close with Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, who was promoting Sessions on a website known at Breitbart.

Shortly after Sessions began recusing himself from the Trump campaign investigations Thursday, the president announced that he is completely confident in his attorney general. Then he released a statement explaining how Sessions is an honest man and didn’t say or do anything wrong.

Trump was mocking the narrative saying it was an attempt at preserving the Democrats reputation after losing a race they were sure to win. He also spoke on important information that was sent out as the real story, saying it’s a “witch hunt.”

The response comes as Sessions is feeling pressure to step back from any investigations on Russia or the Trump administration, as it is a conflict of interest. However, Trump’s remarks prove the critical role Sessions is playing in his Cabinet and presidential vision.

Trump’s administration is moving quickly to apply new policies that align with his views. President Trump said during his inaugural address that he would put an end to our rising crime rate.

In the attorney general’s first speech, Sessions explained their plans to crack down on drugs and raise respect for our police. He also mentioned that police are under less scrutiny now than they were under Obama.

Sessions also shares Trump’s beliefs on immigration, and his department is in charge of defending and implementing the president’s plans.

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