Papa John’s Being Sued For Sending Too Many Texts

There is a man suing pizza franchise, Papa John’s, for allegedly sending too many texts to his phone. According to the report files, the man claims that the messages caused anxiety and emotional distress.

Jonathan Anozie states that not once has he ordered pizza from Papa John’s. However, he has been getting discount text messages since last March.

Anozie suit claims that he was first sent a text offering him two large five topping pizzas for $9.99. On the Papa’s John website it states that to opt out of receiving the messages to text “Stop” which the Plaintiff assures he did. To no avail, he still received texts.

We aren’t certain how often or how many times the Plaintiff received texts. However, due to the alleged amount, the Plaintiff is suffering from frustration, annoyance, and severe anxiety.

A Papa’s John rep would not tell how many text messages were sent out to Anozie. They say that as of now they are investigating his claim, but they have a strict policy on not speaking on litigations that are pending.

On Papa John’s website it, under their “Text Offers and Alerts” disclaimer, by signing up on for texts from the company, the owner of the phone agrees to receive texts from the company with messages of special offers and promotions. By signing up, the user agrees to allow them to send up to six texts during a month.

In the meantime, new alerts from Papa Johns are asking their customers to pay more money for their latest features.

Currently, Papa John’s is testing a new $2.99 Papa Priority fee that allows customers the chance to receive their food faster. Though there’s no guarantee on how soon a customer will receive their food, they say that their orders are pushed to the front of the line. They are only testing this new feature at certain locations.

This new feature is only allotted to five orders per night per restaurant at this time.

Though some of their customers may disagree, Papa John’s says that the new feature has gotten rave reviews with customers.

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