Oprah Winfrey For President?

The unlikely rise of Donald Trump’s presidency has Oprah Winfrey wondering if she could be the second TV star to become president.

In an interview, Oprah said that before Trump won the election, she never thought she was qualified for president. However, that has all changed. She says she never considered it a possibility to become president until Trump beat experienced politician Hillary Clinton. First, her thoughts were that she doesn’t have experience, but now she’s thinking “Oh! Oh!”

Later, Oprah clarified that she isn’t actually considering running for president. However, Matt Drudge, publisher of “The Drudge Report,” wrote on social media that Oprah VS Trump would be an epic competition.

If she were to use her nationwide influence in the race, she would become the first-ever woman president. While talking to Rubenstein, a famous philanthropist, she said that her entire career was built on one unlikely achievement after another.

In 1984 when Oprah was hosting A.M Chicago, most of her colleagues thought she would fail. The show was in competition with Phil Donahue, a renowned interviewer. But it didn’t make a difference to Oprah, as she knew he could be beaten. And in the end, she did beat him! Without even trying to.

If she did join the presidential race and won, she would gain one of the only positions greater than the one she already has. Oprah’s OWN TV network and lifestyle brand came after starring in The Color Purple and 25 years of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Now, the whole world knows her name.

Regardless of the ratings, Oprah says her greatest achievement is starting a girls school in Africa. However, a good friend of hers reminded her that her legacy could be an unexpected one.

Oprah recalls talking to Maya Angelou about how the girls school would be her proudest legacy. Then Maya replied that she couldn’t know what her legacy was going to be because her legacy is in every life she’s impacted.

During the 2016 presidential race, Oprah proudly supported Hillary Clinton. And during Obama’s campaign in 2008, she endorsed him.

Ironically, Oprah interviewed Trump on her show in 1988. During the interview, she asked if he ever considered running for President. Trump replied most likely not, but if he did he would have a hard time winning.

Oprah Winfrey