Pope Francis Has Words For Scandalous Christians

According to Pope Francis, Christians that lead two lives or run dirty companies are not true believers.

On Vatican Radio he made statements saying that there are a lot of Christians who live scandalous lives. He considers a scandal as saying one thing then doing something else.

Being scandalous is considered a grave offense in the Catholic Church. The Pope believes those who launder money and general managers that take vacations while stiffing those who work in the same category as scandalous.

Though most of what comes from the Pope seems to come from Christian writings, Francis brought up an old argument. He asked people if salvation was only available to everyone who believes, or only for people who do good deeds while alive.

He thought of a rich Christian knocking on heaven’s gates professing his love for the religion. Jesus answers him and lets him know that he has seen all he has done, but that it was all done in vain.

The sermon performed by Francis on Thursday was not the first time he has spoke of hypocritical Christians. Last February, Pope Francis did a sermon on fake Christians who talk big but do minimal charity work.

Francis says that to be a Christian means do what God asks of you. He said that on our last day the Lord will ask us if we have spoken of him but what good in the world have we done.

However, this wasn’t the first time he has spoke on atheists either. He sparked questions from his followers by stating that the gates of heaven are open for all people.

He said that with the Blood of Christ, not only has the Lord redeemed Catholics but everyone. When asked about the atheists, he said that the atheist is being redeemed as well. Francis went on to say that everyone is to do good things for other people. And that even if the atheist isn’t a believer, there is still a chance for them to reach heaven. He said by doing good; we shall all meet each other there.

The Vatican sent out a report of the Pope stating that the Grace of God is there for all to have. They said that the Pope was sending out a message of togetherness for Christians and non-believers.

Pope Francis