Demi Lovato Is Proud To Be Bipolar

After a past of self-harm and drug abuse in 2011, Demi Lovato went into rehab. While there, doctors determined she has the depressing phase of bipolar disorder known as bipolar depression. Since her diagnosis, she has publicly spoken about her struggles with mental illness. Demi Lovato is also the spokeswoman for Be Vocal, a campaign that encourages advocacy and awareness of mental health. She recently made a mental illness documentary called Beyond Silence. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday, Lovato got very personal over her battle for mental-health awareness.

Lovato told Ellen that she is proud to be bipolar. She says she lives with it very well, and that’s the goal for anyone who has a mental illness.

Demi Lovato spoke with Women’s Health in 2015 regarding her diagnosis and that she would be speaking on it publicly. During the interview, she explained that she is choosing to use her own struggles to inspire others.

Demi recalls speaking with her family and managers about whether or not to go public with her rehab experience. She knew it came down to two choices: Keep it to herself and hope it went away, or be a voice for others trying to overcome similar issues. She chose to face her fears and encourage others to talk about their experiences with mental health.

Be Vocal offers resources and tips for individuals with mental illness or others in their lives who are seeking help. The Be Vocal website also has links to the Bipolar and Depression Support Alliance’s “wellness toolbox,” including recommendations for health professionals and how to track symptoms.

Lovato’s new documentary revolves around the lives of three people living with mental illnesses. The movie is part of Be Vocal’s drive to inspire those living with mental health conditions to speak out about their struggles and to understand they are not alone.

Demi Lovato says in reality, one out of five people in the U.S suffers from a mental health condition. If these people have the right treatment plan, they CAN live well with it.

Demi Lovato