11 People Linked To The Murder Of Kim Jong-nam

Officials in Malaysia are on the hunt for seven more people connected to the assassination of North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam.

The report came out after South Korea publicly implied that North Korea had something to do with the slaying of their leader’s estranged older brother. Out of the 11 people linked to the killing, six of them are North Korean. The murder happened at Kuala Lumpur International Airport after being poisoned by two women.

According to Malaysia’s deputy inspector-general Noor Rashid Ibrahim, the death of Mr. Kim was sudden and suspicious. Though obvious to most, Ibrahim did not confirm if the victim was indeed Kim Jong-nam under the alias Kim Chol.

Local news outlets report that the women who
went through with the attack did so by injecting Mr. Kim with poison. Some are stating that they wiped the poison across his face.

One of the women in connection with the murder is from Indonesia, and the other has a Vietnamese passport.

Four men are in police custody as they attempted to flee the country on the day of the murder. Their names are Ri Ji Hyon, Hong Song Hac, Ri Jae Name, and O Jong Gil. There are three other men in connection to the death whose whereabouts are uncertain.

Authorities in South Korea have no doubt that the victim is Kim Jong-nam and they hold North Korea accountable.

Jeong Joon-hee, a speaker for the South Korean government, says that with the evidence they have, they have no doubt in their minds that the man murdered was Kim Jong-nam.

He went on to say that since five of the suspects were from North Korea that their country believes that the North Korean government set up the attack.

Mr. Jeong’s report on the matter is the first time South Korea has publicly said that North Korea is to blame for the murder. However, North Korea demands that Malaysia give them Mr. Kims body even without an autopsy.

Mr. Noor Rashid claims that officials from Malaysia are going to conduct a diligent investigation and when finished, they will hand the body over to Kim Jong-nam’s next of kin. But only after they go through a verification process through DNA examination.

Kim Jong-nam