Tom Brady Isn’t Retiring Anytime Soon

Considering what the entire world witnessed during the NFL Playoffs this year, it’s no surprise that Tom Brady isn’t planning to leave anytime soon.

He managed to make the best comeback victory in Super Bowl history, gain a record of four MVP Super Bowl awards, threw a record of 466 passing yards, and a record of 43 completions in the 2017 Super Bowl alone. However, Brady still isn’t impressed with his Super Bowl performance.

So it’s not shocking that he wants to continue playing for a while. Although he’s 39 years-old, Brady says he is in less pain after games now than he was at 25 years-old.

He told Peter King of The MMQB that he doesn’t plan on leaving the sport behind him anytime soon. He also says he most likely won’t make his retirement decisions until he’s in his mid-40s. However, if he’s still feeling as good as he is now, that may change a few things. But he knows that next season most certainly won’t be his last.

In the NFL, nothing is a guarantee, even when it comes to contracts. The greatest players in NFL history frequently see their performance decline without reason.

But Tom Brady seems to be different. His body feels younger than it did 15 years ago. He also has a $200 cookbook and a strange but effective nutrition plan, allowing him to run at higher performance levels than most.

For the first four games of 2016, Brady was under suspension because of Deflategate. Missing that time did damage his overall counting statistics, but he was still one of the top MVP award candidates. For 2016, he was one of only five best players in football.

Brady also admitted to King that he is a little obsessed with football.

He says that other than playing the sport, the other thing he enjoys is preparing to play. The system Brady worked so hard to get is what allows him at 39-years-old to run 99 plays in the last game of the season. Football is his life, every choice he makes revolves around it.

Like many others approaching 40 years of age, Brady is also taking it easy on the party scene. He says that he is removing things like drinking with his friends and staying out late. Brady says he doesn’t miss that lifestyle because he’s healthier at the end of the season. He also gets to enjoy earning his fourth Super Bowl!

Brady could care less if he is known as the “best ever.” However, in a few years, there may not be any doubt about it.

Tom Brady