Valentines Day Is Cancelled In Pakistan

There has been a Valentines Day ban put in place by a judge in Pakistan today, so don’t go looking for that extra large heart shaped box for your love.

They set the ordinance for the ban on Monday, in accordance to citizens petitioning the celebration of the holiday publicly. Though most conservative Muslims disagree, a plethora of citizens believe that the holiday does not follow Islamic values and teachings, causing the judge to agree with the ruling.

A request to black out all promotions of the holiday went out to Pakistan’s media regulator.

Though Valentines Day usually stirs up positive vibes, there are plenty of non-Western authorities who believe that the holiday goes completely against their core values. Pakistan in not the first country to give the Lovey Dovey holiday the boot.

Spanning from Russia to Indonesia, officials worldwide have stated their concerns on how the holiday profits off of love. They also say views expressed during the holiday goes against their traditions. They have a ban on Valentine’s day celebrations in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Partaking in the holiday, especially those who are not in a marriage, could mean jail time.

Most of the bans began after stores were selling items deemed to be “Westernized”.

All things considered, plenty of people continue to celebrate the day of love. Ever since the Soviet Union dismantled, some parts of Russia continue to celebrate Valentines Day. Government officials argue that schools should continue to not engage in the holiday.

According to Grigory Bolotnikov, a Russian government consultant, the holiday does not support moral values in youth or the formation of the spirit. Bolotnikov believes that Valentine’s day only benefits commercial organizations. He made this statement in 2011 after authorities in Belgorod province made advances to stop people from celebrating.

Parts of India have started to warm up to Valentines Day, especially the younger, middle class. For those deemed conservatives, this could mean trouble. Some Hindus and nationalists feel as though the holiday is bad for their culture. For this reason, protesters have publicly denounced Valentines Day and the festivities that come with it. They are saying that the holiday glorifies premarital sex. Through time, ultraconservative folks have attacked florists delivering flowers and destroying shops that sell Valentines Day’s gifts.

Valentines Day Ban