Mother Of Michael Jackson Sues Nephew Over Abuse

Katherine Jackson, the mother of the great Michael Jackson, is filing a suit claiming that her nephew-in-law, Trent Jackson, has been abusing her.

Mrs. Jackson, 86, requested a restraining order against her nephew on Wednesday. Trent was to be her personal driver. She states that he has been manipulating her for years and utilizing her bank account information with her knowing.

Now Trent is not allowed anywhere near Mrs. Jackson or her estate or allowed to use her credit cards. He is to remain 100 yards away at any time.

In the paperwork, it states that Katherine is sick of him using and abusing her, and as her health weakens, she no longer wants to be afraid. It also says that Trent, 52, has held her against her will so that the outside world wouldn’t know what was going on.

According to her lawyers, Trent was only hired as her driver. But through time he was able to invade Mrs. Jackson’s life and calling himself her house manager.

The filing claims that her nephew began to control when and how Mrs. Jackson’s children were able to interact with her. He would screen phone calls and not give her messages and even listen in on her phone calls and house visits.

The report also states that since Trent had a key made for her bedroom, he enters whenever he pleases. Whether she wants him to or not. There have been times that she has had to hide from her nephew to talk to her children, at times resorting to the closet. Once he even pulled the car over to make her tell him what she was discussing with one of her close friends over the phone. The report alleges that Trent deceived Mrs. Jackson into believing that they would be taking a short trip to Indiana which actually lasted for over a month.

Mrs. Jackson is currently in London on a trip while her team fires and removes Trent from her guest house.

Mrs. Jackson would like to come home as soon as possible. However, due to her nephew’s relentless bullying, she is afraid he will continue the abuse and harm her over the firing.

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