UFC: New Women’s Division And Miesha Tate

The UFC is introducing a new division for their female fighters. However, Miesha Tate, the recently retired ex-bantamweight champ is not asking for a comeback in the near future.

The MMA organization is introducing the women’s inaugural featherweight division this weekend. The title fight is between Germaine de Randamie and Holly Holm.

Even with more opportunities, “Cupcake” shares that she is happy where she is with her retirement status.

After losing to Amanda Nunes, current champion in UFC 200 and going through another setback at UFC 205 against Raquel Pennington, the 30-year-old surprised the MMA community by announcing her retirement.

Tate says that even if Holm ends up winning the title, she doesn’t have the desire to fight anymore. She adds that she’s loving retirement and enjoys learning more about herself aside from fighting. She has no desire or plans to return to fighting.

Before joining the UFC in 2013, Tate was well-known in women’s MMA for her outstanding fighting record in the now non-existent Strikeforce promotion.

After losing her first two UFC fights, she had four straight wins before her victory against Holm in March. There, she was finally taking the gold as the champion.

Aside from her current lack of passion for fighting, Tate adds the exhausting weight cutting process as another reason she doesn’t want to return.

Even though technically the 145-pound division means less weight to cut, Tate insists that she is probably gone for good.
She says she would be more inclined to come back at 145 pounds, but she just doesn’t want to cut weight anymore at all. She says she just wants to be herself, even if she’s five pounds over, she doesn’t care. Especially at 145.

Miesha Tate