Activist Salman Haider Found Alive

Salman Haider, a poet and avid activist who went missing earlier this month from the capital of Islamabad, only days after four other activists went missing, has been found.

The five missing activists each went missing separately since January 4. Many of them shared blogs online speaking up for the rights of religious minorities and criticizing the political influence of the military.

According to Salman’s brother Zeeshan, he is in good condition and in a safe place. His family is so grateful to have him home safe and alive.

Zeeshan has not had a chance to meet his brother yet but has spoken to him over the phone.

Salman’s brother worries about the severe skin condition he has. However, after talking to Salman, he swears that he is in good health.

Police officials say that Haider, who went missing on January 6, was found Friday night. However, they weren’t able to give any information on how or where he was.

There is still no information on where the four other missing activists could be.

It is also still unclear how they all disappeared in the first place. But groups and newspapers wonder if there was military involvement.

The Interior Ministry has continually said that they would do whatever they can to recover the missing activists. The military and other agencies have not given any official comments.

Not too long after the men went missing, various blasphemous allegations against them were on social media with complaints to the police. According to Pakistani law, if convicted of blasphemy, one can receive the death sentence.

Salman has been writing for popular English newspapers for many years and was a teacher at the Fatima Jinnah Woman’s University in a city, about 15km from the cities capital.

Of those missing, one is from the Netherlands, and the other is from Singapore. Their relatives believe the abduction was on January 4th while staying in Pakistan. One of the activists, Ahmed Raza Naseer, has polio. Samar Abbas, the fifth activist, went missing from Islamabad and was last seen January 11th.

Activist Salman Haider