Patton’s Restraining Order Against Robin Thicke

Thursday, a judge ordered Robin Thicke only to have monitored visits with his 6-year-old son and to stay away from actress Paula Patton, his ex-wife. Patton is making an accusation about emotional abuse while going through a battle over custody of their child.

After Patton also accused Thicke of physically abusing her during their marriage, Colin Leis, Superior Court Judge,  issued a temporary restraining order. She also says the Blurred Lines singer has traumatized her and her son by insisting visitation and refusing to leave their home last week.

Larry Ginsberg, Thicke’s attorney, is opposing the restraining order, saying that there was no basis for it to be issued. He also calls it a retaliation move by Patton after she was not given sole custody earlier this month.

Angela Pierce Di Donato, another attorney of Thicke’s, said Patton is trying to throw anything out to hurt him, but Robin’s focus is on their son.

Patton’s sworn declaration shows several allegations of Thicke being abusive during their marriage. One incident explains him pushing her to the ground and kicking her during a fight in April 2013. She also accuses him of numerous affairs during their marriage and having a severe substance abuse problem. Her attorneys cite a California law that Thicke’s behavior during their marriage caused Patton to feel a reasonable fear of imminent bodily injury to herself and her son.

Her filing states that on January 19, Thicke came to her mother’s house while child service workers were interviewing their son and he refused to leave. Once the child services workers had left, Thicke was banging on the door demanding to see his son. He only left after Patton’s mom called the police. Patton wrote that the last incident was terrifying for both her and her son.

In a court filing, Ginsberg wrote that Thicke is fighting for sole custody and accuses Patton of manipulating their child.

The couple’s disputes have gone on for weeks, and Thicke’s paperwork shows that Patton recently sought a change in custody arrangements that were unsuccessful.

The restraining order will remain in effect until a hearing on February 24. There is also proof that Thicke has a history of domestic violence and is a flee risk with his son. The orders restrict Thicke’s ability to travel outside of Los Angeles County with his child.

The custody battle blew up earlier this month after child service investigators began looking into allegations of Thicke physically abusing his son. Thicke admits to spanking his son, which his attorney notes is allowed by law. However, he denies the singer being abusive. Declarations from their child’s school support Patton’s petition, who are asking child welfare workers to investigate.

This case also comes only weeks after the death of Thicke’s father, actor Alan Thicke.

Robin Thicke and Patton were dating for ten years before marrying in June 2005. In October 2014 she filed for divorce, and their judgment was final a few months later.