President Trump Launches Voter Fraud Investigation

Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump made a promise to launch a major investigation into alleged voter fraud.

Trump says he will ask for an investigation into voter fraud, especially those registered to vote in more than one state, illegal immigrants, and even votes from people who are dead. Depending on the results, he says he may need to strengthen our voting procedures.

Trump didn’t have any further information on what this investigation will entail.

White House principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee says they will likely give additional details in the following days.

The president and administration members are repeating the unproven allegation that millions have illegally cast votes in the 2016 presidential election. Which is a claim Trump first made after the election without giving any evidence.

After winning the Electoral College vote but not the popular vote, Trump insisted that there was serious voter fraud in three states. On Twitter, he suggests that he would have won the popular vote if we deduct the millions of people who illegally voted.

However, state officials say there is no evidence. And the authors of the studies that a Trump spokesman presents as evidence disputes the characterization.

Tuesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that Trump believes millions of illegal ballots were cast in the election. Referring to studies and information presented to him as the foundation for that belief.

An election integrity nonprofit out of Indiana known as The Public Interest Legal Foundation, quickly voiced their support for Trump’s investigation on voter fraud, saying the move is important.

J. Christian Adams, the group’s president, and general counsel says the Obama administration had the tools to fight voter fraud. However, they didn’t put them to use. Due to them neglecting their duties, illegal aliens went to the polls and lawlessness took over our elections.

Republican Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State, responded to Trump’s Tweets. He said that four years ago in Ohio they conducted a review. And already have a statewide review of the 2016 election. It’s easy to vote but hard to cheat.

In 2013, Husted also said that voter fraud does exist, but it’s nowhere near an epidemic.

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