Walmart To Add 10,000 New Jobs

Walmart made an announcement Tuesday that they will add 10,000 new retail jobs in the United States this year. This comes as companies begin domestic-focused hiring as Trump takes his place in the white house.

The company said that the new hires would work at stores that are soon-to-be-open, e-commerce services, and expanded existing stores. Also, Walmart says that at least 24,000 construction jobs will open as they open new store.

Walmart’s executive vice president for corporate affairs told reporters that with the company situated in thousands of communities and different suppliers, they understand that they play a major role in maintaining and offering more jobs in America.

As of February, the retailer known for it’s “roll back” on prices pays workers approximately $9 to $24 an hour. Before the change, full-time workers earned around $13.38 an hour, and the average part-time worker made $10.58.

Walmart, who has around 1.5 million U.S. workers, is one of many American companies to go public on their dedication to their employees since Donald Trump topped the polls back in November. Trump has made many statements indicating that the U.S should boost investments and bring more jobs back home.

10, Jobs Coming To Walmart

The number of companies emphasizing their commitment to adding new jobs in the United States continues to increase.

For instance, Tuesday General Motors made a statement saying that they will add an extra $1 billion into U.S. manufacturing. That’s on top of the $21 billion that they already have invested since 2009.

Both companies are following in the footsteps of the online retailer, Amazon made an announcement last week that they are creating over 100,000 U.S. jobs over the next 18 months.

At the beginning of January, Ford announced that they were canceling their plans to build a new plant in Mexico, and in turn will invest the $700 million in Michigan, adding 700 new jobs. An air conditioner company, Carrier, reported in November that they would keep 1,000 jobs in Indianapolis after deciding not to move jobs to Mexico.

In the announcement made by Walmart on Tuesday, they stated that they would also open 160 new training schools around the U.S.