Insane Penguins-Capitals Hockey Game

Many people seem to think that the number of goals scored in a hockey game correlates with the quality of the game. That’s not necessarily true. However, with Monday night’s Penguins-Capitals game featuring an incredible 15 goals, that statement is correct.

The Capitals were the league’s hottest team heading into Pittsburgh after winning nine straight games. The Capitals took an early 3-0 lead. But the Penguins refused to let that continue on home ice for the second period.

The Pens came back with three straight goals in two minutes and 27 seconds, tying the game. Then Evgeni Malkin and Bryan Rust added two more bringing it to five for Pittsburgh. With only five minutes left in the second, the Capitals finally managed to score two quick goals to tie up the game. But then Malkin quickly came at the other end with his third goal of the period.

That crazy second period featured nine total goals. Defensively, it wasn’t the most technically sound period from either side. However, it was one of the most entertaining 20 minutes of hockey you’ll see for quite a while.

Ultimately, the game went into overtime to decide a winner.

But that final goal didn’t come without some controversy. Officials reviewed the play and determined that there was no goaltender interference.However, it appears that they missed a trip just seconds before the goal that would have put the Caps on the power play.

Sidney Crosby looked like he tripped up Alex Ovechkin with both the stick and body as the Caps winger carried the puck out of the defensive zone.


Officials may have decided that the play was complete after the poke check and that the trip happened simultaneously. That’s a hard ruling, one that Caps fans probably aren’t too happy about.