Will Smith To Star In Live Action Dumbo Movie

A few years back, Walt Disney made an announcement that writer/director Tim Burton was creating a live-action Dumbo film. Well, things have been on the hush-hush since then, and some thought the idea for the film was dropped. But in fact, the Casey Junior train seems to be chugging along. Looking to star in the film is no one other than Will Smith.

Disney is in pursuit of reeling in Will Smith to star in a live-action remake of the classic film, “Dumbo.”

The classic movie first hit screens back in 1941. It seems as though Disney is in a progressive pursuit to get production going. Ehren Kruger, the screenwriter behind classics such as The Brothers Grimm and the Transformers sequels already has a script ready.

So far, Disney has seen plenty of success with their live-action adaptations of their animated classics such as the recent “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Jungle Book.” Tim Burtons’ Alice in Wonderland was a substantial reimagining of the Disney masterpiece, and though it did well in numbers, it fell short when it came to connecting with different audiences.

Many wonder if this new Dumbo film will have the same ‘Burtonesque’ style as in Alice. Well, why hire Burton for the film if you don’t want a “Burton” film? It’s looking as though the film will be a mix of CG effects and live-action actors. They will use computer animation for the elephant. Burton is a director who has struggled in the past with incorporating live-action actors and CG effects, so fingers are crossed that he gets it right this round.

When the idea of the film was first brought to light, Sean Bailey, president of production for Walt Disney Pictures, told reporters that, “It’s a big world,” indicating that this variant of the story will delve deeper into Dumbo’s background story than the original. This new film will also have more of a family storyline that expands deeper into the circus aspect of the story. It’s looking like instead of Will Smith voicing the lovable elephant; he will be playing the Circus worker/ father of Dumbo’s family.