48 People Killed In Syria By Tanker Bomb

48 people lost their lives while many others were wounded after a giant tanker truck plowed through a market in Azaz, Syria on Saturday.

Though the town has been through many attacks over recent months, this appears to be the deadliest so far.

According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, amongst the dead were at least fourteen rebels, five religious judges, and civilians.

Rami Abdel Rahman, Observatory chief, says that identification was difficult.  The victims are completely unrecognizable from the blast.

Footage from the scene shows big puffs of smoke rolling off a dreary street with broken metal fragments all over, clearing roads with bulldozers. Cars were in flames as firefighters fought to extinguish them with large water hoses.

This attack is one of many that had hit Azaz. In November, 25 people lost their lives to a car bomb near a rebels headquarters. The Islamic State group is behind the attack.

Currently, there is a ceasefire by Russia and Turkey. The truce was on December 30th with hopes of making peace in Kazakh capital Astana. The ongoing violence in Wadi Barada threatens the ceasefire and peaceful talks.

The Observatory reports that overnight, two civilians and seven Syrian soldiers were murdered.

Though there is a truce, the fighting continues to spread. The truce does not include former Al-Qaeda affiliate Fateh al-Sham Front. According to the government, Fateh al-Sham is residing in Wadi Barada.

The violence has left 5.5 million citizens without water.
A tempory ceasefire on Saturday gave repair crews a chance to enter city borders and restore pipes. However, officials say that it can take days before the primary supply is back up and running.

Over 310,000 people are murder victims in Syria since the fighting began in 2011 with government protests. All the chaos has caused over half of the population to be displaced.

The Observatory also reports that the US special forces are backing up an alliance between Kurdish and Arabian fighters. They are approximately 2.5 miles away from the Tabqa dam that is under IS rule.

Syrian Democratic Forces now oversee the last IS-held town that’s not too far from the dam on the Euphrates.

48 People Killed In Syria