France Suspends Sales Of A Vitamin D Supplement

Sales of one vitamin D medication are suspended in France after the death of a baby that suffocated after taking the liquid supplement.

Today health authorities say that the suspension is just a precaution. Investigators discovered a link between the infant’s death and the administration of Uvesterol D.

On December 21, the 10-day-old baby passed away after being given Uvesterol D. Uvesterol D is a popular brand of Vitamin D drops for children suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. However, this supplement is only available in France.

Vitamin D

Previously, the health agency warned about risks in the way the supplement is administered in cases of respiratory problems, especially among newborns and premature babies. The agency will suspend marketing Uvesterol D in the upcoming days.

Crinex, a French pharmaceutical company, makes Uvesterol D.

Marisol Touraine, Health Minister, says the risk is in the way the product is administered rather than the vitamin itself. Before a definitive decision from ANSM, she called on parents to stop administering Uvesterol D.

In a statement, Touraine also said she wants to reassure parents that gave vitamin D, in any form, to their children: they are safe. Only Uvesterol D is the concern in this procedure.

In an email on December 30, ANSM said that after receiving a dose of Uvesterol D, the baby died at home from ‘cardio-respiratory arrest.’

The child had signs of suffocation immediately after receiving the medication, two hours after breastfeeding. The product comes in a vial with a pipette for extracion of the medicine.

In 2006 and again in 2013, the ANSM issued precautions while administering the supplement to prevent babies from choking. Parents should give it to their babies ‘drop by drop’.