Bills Lose Head Coach Rex Ryan

The Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan was let go from the team on Tuesday, December 27th.

Rex Ryan the late coach  for the New York Jets was able to go 15-16 in the last two seasons. Placing third in the AFC East in past years. He was not able to end the Bills playoff drought, which happens to be the longest at 17 seasons.

The owner of the Bills, Terry Pegula, spoke with reporters and told them that he talked to Rex earlier in the day. And they both came to the conclusion that it was best to split from the team as soon as possible. He said that though the decision was not easy, it was meant to be. And that he wishes Rex Ryan nothing but the best going forward with his career. Terry and his wife Kim say they are just as upset as their fans. But they are ready to bring a big win back home to New York.

With the Bills playing Ryan’s ex-team, the New York Jets next weekend, it makes Ryan’s departure even more bittersweet.

The Bills lost to the Dolphins the day before Christmas, but the game was riddled with bad plays including the decision to have only ten players on the field during a crucial defensive play.

In a press conference held Monday, Rex told reporters that after watching the film of the game, he felt that this loss was the most painful. He said that this was the toughest defeat he ever had as the Bills coach.

Rex Ryan told reporters that if the loss of Saturday’s game sealed his fate with the Pegulas. Then it would be fair and that it is something that he would have to live with.

Though Rex Ryan’s next move is unclear, many speculate that he will end up on t.v. as a sports anchor.

Rob Ryan, Rex’s twin brother, was also let go as an assistant coach. The Bills offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn will take over as head coach in the team’s last game of the season this Sunday. As stated before, they will be playing the Jets at the Metlife Stadium.

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