Bloody Mexican Christmas

Unfortunately, Mexico saw no changes in gang-related violence on Christmas Day. The horrifying remains of six decapitated heads were found in a western town.

The Michoacan state prosecutor’s office says that police haven’t identified the victims and they are still unable to find their bodies. The heads were in a town near Jalisco in Jiquilpan, an area with a history of violence due to drug gang competition.

In two other separate incidents in other regions, also on Christmas, gun violence took 16 other people. Police expect the motivation behind the killings are due to drug-related violence.

Of the 16 dead, seven occured in Atoyac de Alvarez in the southern state of Guerrero. The victims include five male family members, as shooters enter the home where the victims were preparing to celebrate Christmas. The killers shot three brothers, their father, and their uncle. A married couple that the family had over for lunch are also dead.

Witnesses report the shooting happening around 3 a.m Christmas morning.

Out of the seven that died, two were local police officers and one was a state police officer. Preliminary investigations show that the gunmen’s motivation was revenge. They tried to target just one individual but ended up killing all of the bystanders.

Mayor José Villanueva assassination was also on Sunday while eating with his brother outside. His brother has just left the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds.

Nine people died in another incident on Christmas in Chihuahua state. Five of the nine, including three women, were tortured and killed in Ciudad Juarez.

Guerrero and Acapulco add to Mexico’s reputation as an unsafe place due to drug violence. There have been 50,000 murders in the last five years since Felipe Calderon, former Mexican president, began using the military to combat the powerful drug cartels.

Bloody Mexican Christmas