Drake And Jennifer Lopez Dating?

Is love in the air for Drake and Jennifer Lopez?

According to sources, Drake set up an “intimate” dinner for the two at one of Hollywood’s hotspots, Delilah, Tuesday night. Rumors spread fast that these two are Hollywood’s newest couple, even though only time will truly tell. The “couple” have been seen several times together since the recent news.

It began two weeks ago after spotting Drake at J.Lo’s concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Drizzy posted evidence on his Instagram account with selfies of him and Jen with heartfelt emojis.

Drake And Jennifer Lopez

Drake was spotted yet again this past Saturday at another Lopez concert in Vegas. He was seen very close to the stage, grooving and stepping to the pop and Latin beats as Jennifer sang out to her fans.

Reports confirm that although the two have professional connections, they’re unsure if the pair is forming romantic ties. They shared that the two are working on new music together.

The diva chose to cancel hosting a New Year’s Eve show at a Miami nightclub. She chose to do so because she has been working a lot this year and wants to take time off to spend with family and friends.

Drake is set to bring in the New Year at the Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas for their very own celebration. No news on whether the two will be spending personal time together after the New Year, but she isn’t due for another show until February at Planet Hollywood, so who knows!

Ms. Lopez and Drake have both ended long-term relationships recently. Drake and Rihanna ended their crazy romance over the summer, and Lopez decided to end things with her ex Casper who she had been bouncing back and forth from for the last five years.

A source says that Rihanna and Drake are dating different people and are not in any kind of relationship right now. Though they still have love for each other, due to schedule conflicts, they decided to call it quits.