Winter Weather Safety Tips From The Red Cross

As temperatures drop, the American Red Cross shares ten steps to stay safe during the frigid weather.

1. Wear Layers

Wear layers of light clothing to stay toasty. A hat and gloves will also help prevent body heat from escaping.

2. Pets

Don’t forget your pets outside! Bring them indoors. If you don’t want them inside, make sure they have acess to a warm out of the weather so that they have unfrozen water to drink.

3. 3 Foot Rule

Don’t forget the three-foot rule. If you use a space heater, keep it on a hard, flat surface and keep flammable over three feet away from it. Things such as clothing, paper, curtains, rugs, or bedding.

4. Supervision

Always turn space heaters off and make sure embers in your fireplace are fully out before going to bed or even leaving the room.

5. Fire Safety

Don’t start a fire! If you use a fireplace, also use a metal or glass fire screen. Make sure it’s big enough to catch popping embers and sparks.

6. Protect The Water Pipes

At all times you should run water, even just trickling, to prevent freezing your pipes. Opening the cabinet doors allows warmer air near the pipes. Make sure you move any harmful cleaning products out of children’s reach. If you have water pipes in the garage, always keep the garage doors for insulation.

7. Thermostat

It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Maintain the same temperature on your thermostat throughout the night and day. Your heat bill may increase a bit, but you could prevent a more expensive repair if your pipes freeze and crack.

8. Kitchen

The kitchen is only for cooking. Never use an oven or stove to heat your house.

9. Generators

Always use your generator outside. Never use one inside the house, as well as in the garage or basement.

10. Connecting Generators

Don’t connect your generator to the wiring of your home. Connecting it directly to the generator outlets is the safest thing to do.