The World’s First Continental Non-Stop Flights

Those traveling via air can now fly from Australia to Europe non-stop after Qantas reported the first direct route between these two countries. Boeing’s 787-9 Dream liner will make the intense 17 hour long journey from London to Perth, a city on the west coast of Australia.

They plan to begin the service in March 2018, joining the longest traveler flights in the world.

Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO says it is a major game-changing course flown by an amazing aircraft. Australians haven’t had an immediate connection to Europe until now, so this opens many doors.

Flying between the U.K and Australia has been somewhat of a blessing for Qantas. Previously, they had to go through Dubai and Singapore to get to Europe on their “Kangaroo Route.”

Qantas says the service of Perth-London at 9,010 miles would be the longest public flight in the world. Until recently, the trip was never financially achievable. The severe winds going east require carrying more fuel and sacrifices precious cargo or leaving seats empty.

In commercial air, the shorter flights usually cover more ground.

And that’s true of the present distance record holder. Rather than taking the usual route over the North Pole, the service between San Francisco and New Delhi by Air India goes over the Pacific. At 9,409 miles, the Pacific route is much longer. However, it takes advantage of the tailwinds and saves a lot of fuel and time.

Longest Non-Stop Continental Flight

There is going to be a new champion for the longest flight duration in February when Qatar Airways makes the flight leaving Auckland to land in Doha. The flight will last just under 18 hours.

The Perth-London course is going to be the world’s longest with the Dream liner, which began in 2011.

An array of new super long distance courses are opening with new fuel-efficient Airbus and Boeing aircraft. recently, Singapore Airlines started direct travel to the U.S. with the A350 Airbus.

In the past, the airline from Australia has ended longer flights. In 1989, they flew a Boeing 747-400 from Sydney to London. They set a world record at 11,185 miles for the longest flight.

However, that flight wasn’t scheduled. The long 20 hour journey was a one-time occurrence, and the giant jet only had 23 people on board, including the crew.