Detroit Lions Beat The Chicago Bears

Matthew Stafford ended the Detroit Lions’ most recent comeback in the fourth-quarter with both feet in the end zone.

On Sunday at Ford Field, Stafford’s first touchdown completed the Lions’ eighth comeback in the fourth-quarter to beat the Chicago Bears 20 to 17.

Stafford’s run of 7 yards with 3:17 on the clock brought the Lions close to their first division title in the last 23 years. By two games, the Lions now lead the NFC North with three remaining games.

Bears cornerback rookie Cre’Von LeBlanc picked up a pass from Stafford bringing it back 24 yards to score a touchdown, bringing the Lions four points behind.

Stafford admits it was not a good play, but says they had to move on. He says everyone knew it was his fault, but he went from there to try and make up for it.

Stafford hurt his middle finger on the right hand by hitting it off Bears linebacker Leonard Floyd’s body. The injury occurred while he was throwing the football during the first quarter. Stafford wore a glove for protection through the end of the game. Jim Caldwell, Lions head coach wouldn’t discuss the injury. Stafford says he will get an X-ray.

Coach Caldwell says he doesn’t think anyone has ever doubted Stafford’s toughness or his capacity to recover from setbacks.

Stafford had 21 of 35 passes and a touchdown. However, he drove two interceptions against the Bears.

Boldin caught three passes, including a touchdown, for Detroit and Golden Tate caught six throws for 58 yards. Lions defense held them to 20 points seven games in a row.

LeBlanc’s interception was the first of his career. And Matt Barkley made 20 of 32 passes and a touchdown for the Bears. Jordan Howard rushed 13 carries fro 86 yards, but Chicago had 11 penalties losing 139 yards.

Bears coach John Fox said they have a minimal error margin right now and effort isn’t an area they lack in.

The Bears were coming back from a win over the 49ers last week. However, the penalties were too much to come back from on Sunday.

The 54-yard field goal in the third quarter from Matt Prater gave Detroit a lead of 13-3.

Cameron Meredith’s 31 yard touchdown catch in the end of the quarter put the Bears up within three points.

The Lions were confident to expand their lead at the beginning in the fourth quarter. However, Stafford’s pass into the goal zone was averted by Bryce Callahan, cornerback, into Demontre Hurst hands.

After Detroit made a punt, Stafford made a bad choice as LeBlanc got in front of Boldin running 24 yards, putting the Bears up 17-13 with only 7:07 remaining on the clock.

However, Stafford made up for the mistake with a seven yard run for a touchdown and avoiding a sack. Two Bears penalties assisted that 76 yard advance.

After the first half, the Lions had a 10-3 lead.