The Honey Moon Is Over According To LeBron James

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers’ swept the floor against the Golden State Warriors last season in the NBA finals, this week’s three-game losing streak against the Chicago Bulls makes it a thing of the past. Chicago finished with an 111-105 win, making it clear that they are worthy contenders against last years’ champs.

Lebron James spoke to reporters after Friday’s loss and brought up that the team needs to get out of the “honeymoon” stage, referencing their big win last season. James had been on a 30 game winning streak.

The team’s power forward was about to finish the game with 13 assists and 27 points. James, before the three gruesome losses, had 12 turnovers this season but was able to bring it to 20 after Friday’s game.

Even though James added to the Cav’s loss, it was the Bulls putting down 78 points that stole the show. This all started when the Milwaukee Bucks beat them 68-34 in their first loss against the team.

Lebron James

Lebron went on to speak about how his team has to play the “game” the right way. They have to go into each and every game as if it were a battle. He goes on to say that just because they won the championship last year, doesn’t mean they don’t go just as hard, if not harder, this year. Additionally, James added that it was time for his team to step up and play some real ball. He felt that giving up 78 points was foolish and that the whole team needs to step up and get more physical.

This was also Tyronn Lue’s first three-game losing streak since he became the team’s head coach after taking the position midway through last year’s season.

Lue told reporters that his team needs to do better. He went on to say that he feels that they usually play well as a team, but as of now they aren’t. Coach Lue wants the team to make it to the next level but said that it was up to him to take them there.

Coach Lue is making it his duty to create better defensive plays for the team so that they can do better on their one-on-one defense.