Cowboys 11-1 After Defeating The Vikings

During the beginning of the fourth quarter, it looked as if the Dallas Cowboys we encompassed by the malaise that usually occurs during “Thursday Night Football.” Luckily, the Minnesota Vikings fumbled on a punt return allowing Dez Bryant and Dak Prescot to lead the team to victory with a 17-15 win against their opponents.

Both teams played hard, but the error made by Minnesota initially lost them the game. The Vikings were ahead by 2 points and seemed to have the game in their favor, but on fourth and-24, Chris Jones of Dallas kicked a punt 46 yards to Minnesota’s, Adam Thielen. Thielen then went on to try and make another play but ended up losing grasp of the ball as he went crashing to the ground from a tackle. The ball was effortlessly given back to the Cowboys’ from a recover from Kyle Wilber.

Prescott did not waste any time, utilizing those precious minutes to find Bryant on the field. He threw him a pass that led to an 8-yard touchdown leaving the Vikings in their dust. The fumble on the play before sparked new life for the team who thought their winning streak might come to an end.

The Vikings weren’t giving up without a fight! The game got a little more enticing as they went with an eight-play, 65-yard drive that was able to reach the end zone with the end of the game approaching. Trying to take the game into overtime with a 2-point conversion, the Vikings had to go back a yard or so by penalty due to a false start. Buckling under pressure, Sam Bradford made a brash choice of throwing the ball way out of the end zone, making it the Cowboys 11th win in a row.

Completing 12 out of 18 passes, with a season total so far of 139 yards and one touchdown, Prescott has definitely stepped his game up. He was able to keep his errors low and now is two wins shy of Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie record of a 13-game winning streak which he had set back in 2004.

Ezekiel Elliot, who was the number 4 draft pick this year, holds the current rookie rushing record. His moves on during Thursday night’s game made total yards to 1,285. Though he still holds the title, last weeks total yards for Elliot have been his lowest since he played in week 2.

Though the Vikings defense played well, their offensive line could not keep up to par, only seeming to get into the game the last few seconds of the game.

The Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer has been absent from the team due to having emergency surgery to reattach his retina to his right eye; the team had been 1-6 instead of them leading a 5-0 record. Minnesota made a decision to have their special-teams coordinator, Mike Priefer, take the place of head coach during Zimmers’ absence. The team’s defensive and offensive coordinators have been calling the plays for their respective units.
The Cowboys are attempting to get their winning streak to 12 against the Giants next week.

Going for their twelfth win of the season, the Cowboys play the New York Giants next week in an away game.