76 Dead In Columbian Plane Crash

While Chapecoense, the Brazilian futbol team, was on a flight to Medellín, Colombia, the plane disintegrated into a Mountain killing at least 76 people. What was suppose to be a “fairytale” season for the team ended in immense tragedy.

It was forecasted to be a great week for the players of Brazilian futbol team.
Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, small in comparison to other teams in Brazil, were aboard a flight to Colombia to participate in a continental final, a first in the team’s history when the aircraft smashed into the side of a mountain, killing 76 people. Five victims survived from the Brazilian futbol team.

The atmosphere around the team had been joyous and abundant for a great reason: The Chapecoense have been playing and beating tough teams in previous games and with such boldness that a two-leg meeting with the strong Atletico Nacional side held no fear.

It was supposed to be a moment of redemption, at the end of another successful season. Following the victory, Chape were able to assure the role by receiving the biggest finish in the top teams, scaling above clubs with better backstories and way more financial resources three times in a row since they first garnered attention.

They first started in the 1970s by merging with another novice team. Becoming successful over the years by winning regional championship boosted the club’s ego. They won local championship games in their first five years.

In 2008, they were disqualified from the fourth division of Brazil’s national league. They rose higher and higher in ranks as the years went on. They were third in Série D; seventh, fifth and third in Série C; second in Série B; 15th, 14th and with one game of in 2016 remaining, ninth in Série A.

They have been able to conquer every obstacle they have faced. Starting as a small team that received no recognition, to playing and beating some of Brazil’s heavy hitters. Staying humble even though they became one of the best teams in their flight. Their return to Atletico Nacional was to take place in Curitiba, 248 miles from Chapeco because their stadium was too small and dowdy to host such a big game.

There was no shock when the team was compared to Premier League champions, Leicester City. Coach Caio Junior embraced the comparison way back in September. He told reporters that he was going to make a mark this time around with his team. Junior went on to say that his team reminded him of Leicester, because like them, his team came from a small city that went on to win major titles.

What happened Tuesday morning was more than a tragedy for Brazilian futbol team. They were so close to reaching their goal, only to be shut down in minutes. They were on their way to a final that once felt impossible. The team members who passed will truly be missed, and the team will never be the same.

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