When A Rivalry Goes Too Far

When Michigan took on Ohio State in Columbus this weekend, we expected a little trash talking rivalry. So as expected, there was plenty of it. The Michigan fans were booing, there was cheering on beating the “team of the North,” and even signs making fun of Jim Harbaugh.

Regardless of what team you support, those things are funny. Trash talk like this is what makes football games so fun! However, what wasn’t so funny was when Ohio State fans began mocking the Flint water crisis.

One sign made by Ohio State fans said: “Harbaugh drinks Flint water.” Another sign read “Michigan Girls: More diseased than Flint water.”
This behavior is inappropriate from any team.

The Flint water crisis has been an issue for over two years now. The drinking water has poisoned children, the people of Flint are sick and had strange rashes for years, and it’s not even close to being resolved.

And even when they reach a resolution? Those children that drank water with lead in it will suffer the effects long after this crisis ends. Flint’s water may also be the cause of deaths connected to Legionnaires’ disease, a waterborne illness.

While Flint’s water isn’t “diseased” as the sign says, the diseases the water caused have led to lives being lost.

The Flint crisis is not a laughing matter. There is no reason to joke about something like this, especially not in the way OSU fans did on Saturday.

U Of M And OSU Rivalry

Bringing Flint’s water crisis into the U of M and OSU game was immature and disgusting.

Games like OSU and U of M involve trash-talking the opponent, so it’s no surprise Ohio fans came ready to rip on Michigan. However, using Flint as a catalyst for rivalry attacks was just wrong.

No matter how big of a fan you are of any team, it doesn’t justify going after innocent people that are suffering and will be for years.

Those people residing in Flint have nothing to do with football. They are dealing with enough already, and now they have to deal with college students thinking toxic water is something to joke about.

Make fun of the team, laugh at the coach, make fun of the fans, but don’t laugh at a situation that has threatened the health of people and made them afraid of their own government.