Young Man Dies in Yellowstone Hot Spring

Last summer, a young man boiled to death in a Yellowstone hot spring while at the National Yellowstone Park. Now with more information from the FIA, we discover the death was not an accident. The man was looking for a hot spring to explore and soak in.

Soaking in a hot spring seems silly. Sadly, this man was hoping to soak in hot, boiling water in one of the most dangerous places.


Colin Nathaniel Scott, age 23, is the unfortunate victim in this situation. He was visiting Yellowstone Hot Springs with his sister on June 7th, 2015. Colin’s sister recorded the whole incident on her smartphone. Ranger Lorant Veress Deputy Chief on call that day explains the dangerous area at Yellowstone as acidic boiling waters. Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress also describes the signs kept in some regions to keep people from doing what Scott did.

Colin Scott and his sister consciously went off the boardwalk near the Pork Chop Geyser while walking hundreds of feet to the top of the hill, as his sister records the journey. Although the video is not being released to the public out of respect to the Scott family, it is said to be a very horrific scene. Scott’s sister says her brother did not jump into the hot spring, but was reaching down to check the temperature and slipped, falling into the boiling spring.

While Yellowstone Park Rangers tried to find his body, an intense thunderstorm kept them from recovering it. The following day the rangers found a few of his items, such as flip-flops and his wallet. However, his body had clearly been dissolved entirely from the acidic boiling waters.

It’s a shocking lesson but brings attention to the importance of remaining careful, cautious, and above all, obeying the signs posted for your safety.