1 Year Old Girl Survives Hanging At Day Care

Friday morning in South Minneapolis a one-year-old girl survived a hanging in daycare by an unidentified woman. According to the authorities, the suspect was threatening to jump off a busy freeway overpass.

This horrific incident happened in the 2700 block of Humboldt Avenue S. says the policeman Sgt. Catherine Michal is also assuring that the young infant has so far survived.

The one-year-old girl was crying while she was taken away to the local hospital according to the emergency dispatch audio. Policeman Sgt. Catherine Michal said the unidentified woman hanged a one-year-old and they do not have any more details on the infant’s medical condition.

The woman suspect left in a minivan then hit two pedestrians, and one on a bike as she kept going reports show. They have not released the status of the bicyclist at this time. The bike incident was nearly 2 miles from the daycare at Park Avenue S. and E. 28th Street.

The unidentified woman was near Park Avenue overpass above the busy Interstate Hwy. 94. Where the woman was threatening to jump, with local police there, Michal says.

The Day Care

According to state records, 42-year-old Nataliia M. Karia owns the day care and is able to care up to 12 children. Karia day care license was issued in April 2009 and will expire in April 2017. The police authorities of Minneapolis have not yet disclosed the woman suspect identity. The minivan involved in all of this mess is also registered to Nataliia M. Karia according to state records.

As of mid-Friday Morning, police authorities blocked off the crime scene so the chaplains, officers and crime lab techs can do their work without interruptions. A woman came with a man saying she was the infant’s grandma. However, she wouldn’t answer any questions. The grandma said that she would like to speak with the child’s mother.