Downtown GR Purse-Robber Held By Bystanders

The woman who stole a purse from an outdoor table at a Grand Rapids restaurant, before being caught and held bystanders, was captured on video. Police say the woman is facing two charges.

Police identified the 24-year-old woman Mikayla Danielle Hull as the purse-snatching suspect at Monroe Center and Ottawa Avenue Northwest. Thankfully, she was taken to jail and is now waiting for arraignment.

The video has brought interest due to the physical exchanges between the suspect and bystander Jonathan Damon. While Jonathan Damon holds her down until police arrive, Hull is seen biting at Damon’s wrist. In response, he then punches her in the head.

The victim of the purse robbing is a 75-year-old woman. She has minor injuries from falling as she ran to stop the suspect, she fell and hit her chin.

Capt. Pete McWatters from the Grand Rapids Police says Mikayla Danielle Hull faces charges of aggravated assault and larceny from a person. Capt. Pete McWatters also states Hull has also made admissions to her involvement in the Monday evening home invasion in the Grand Avenue Northeast area.

When police arrested Mikayla Danielle Hull on Tuesday, they found two passports, a checkbook, and other ID in her backpack relating to the Monday evening home invasion.

What’s To Come

The suspect was riding a bike when she reached out to grab the purse from a table at Parsley Mediterranean Grille.

However, spectators caught her quickly and held her until police came.

McWatters says after seeing the video, he doesn’t plan to seek any action against Damon. McWatters says he doesn’t believe he committed a real crime. He was defending himself.

However, Kent County prosecutors will make the final decision on whether Damon did anything wrong.