Colorado Rejects Universal Health Care

In a backlash against the Affordable Care Act, Colorado residents voted heavily against the universal health care measure, Amendment 69. Colorado would have begun ColoradoCare and had the first statewide insurance program in the US- if it had succeeded.

Recently, the state’s business market is thriving, and this revision would have put their taxes at a record high in the nation, and hitting small businesses owners the most.

A 10-percent payroll tax increase would fund the $25 billion dollar health care program. Employees pay one-third of the increase, and employers pay two-thirds.

Affordable Care Act

Since the Affordable Care Act brings many issues, an expanding number of states feel the need to alter some of these matters in their state. They believe that the state and neighborhood levels will be a good place to experiment with affordable care for all. However, most voters don’t agree with such expensive experiments.

Throwing out Amendment 69 comes as no shock. Magellan Strategies pollsters consistently note the decrease from the 43 percent prior to the election, now at 27 percent support. Voters want the federal government to repair the issues on a federal level prior to branching out into state programs.

And with what appears to be a sweep of the Congress and administration, the next president will have a clean path to solving some of these problems.