Zayn Malik Reveals Eating Disorder

Zayn Malik seemed to be living the dream of being a pop star in the final days of One Direction.

Enormous houses, nice cars, a celebrity fiancee and a large number of fans purchasing his band’s records and seeing them while they tour.

However, off camera, he was dealing with issues some of us may encounter in our lives as well: He has an eating disorder.

Four months after an interview in March 2015, Malik quit the group, then broke up with his ex, Perrie Edwards, via text shortly after.

Zayn Malik

He doesn’t give many details about the break up in his book, only speaking of the Little Mix vocalist three times. He says they had a “rough patch,” that they did break up, and uncovering a trip camping with her father.

Malik saved more details about his fight with ADHD and was diagnosed as a kid. He also discusses his struggle with anxiety, prompting him to drop his first solo performance in the UK in June.

Malik explains an anxiety attack he had on the morning of the Capital Radio Summertime Ball in 2016. He says he felt sick and couldn’t breathe. When his management team saw what was wrong, he says he was on a psychological lockdown. It stopped him in his tracks, and he couldn’t even handle walking out of the house.

However, fans were still able to see him.

He adds that he plans to start performing in small venues and work his way to bigger ones. Malik says his anxiety will not get the best of him!