Menopause Leads To Memory Loss In Women

Recent studies on menopause show that it can lead to memory loss in women, as estrogen levels start to drop.

Common knowledge shows that woman have better memories than men in certain cases. However, this study reveals that as estrogen levels decline after menopause, so can their memory.

However, the study indicates that although menopause has a connection to memory loss, women still outperform men in memory tests. A group of researchers from Harvard Medical School held the study, and their discoveries are in an article titled “Menopause.”.

Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton, the official executive of NAMS who was not involved in the study, expresses that memory failure or “brain fog” are natural side effects of menopause, and not be taken lightly.

To see which of the two genders were more susceptible to memory loss after menopause, the researchers lead by Dr. Jill Goldstein had 212 female and male candidates to help.

The team tested all the candidates. These tests analyze their executive capabilities, verbal insight, and word processing capabilities. All candidates were between 45 and 55 years of age.

The outcome shows that women who underwent menopause were subject to more memory-related issues than those who haven’t. Furthermore, researchers observe that as the level of estrogen drops, memory decline also.

Goldstein and her group say despite women undergoing menopause scored low on their memory tests, their memory and storage skills did not change.

The lead specialist adds that although female applicants who going through menopause were more forgetful, they still score higher than their male counterparts.

What’s Next

The study’s outcome may help experts create gender-based treatments for older individuals with signs of memory loss. However, as Goldstein and her group say, with regards to memory, nothing is for sure, advising the public not to underestimate the study’s outcomes.

Further research is underway to determine whether postmenopausal signs can be linked to other mental ailments.