Could Deadly Snake Venom Relieve Pain?

The snake having the biggest venom glands on the planet may have the cure to relieve pain.

Known as the “killer of killers,” the long-gland Blue Coral Snake is known for hunting King Cobras.

Venom of the 6 foot 6 inch snake from SE Asia acts “almost immediately” and causes their prey to uncontrollably spasm.

New studies found the venom targets receptors critical to humans and might be helpful for treatment.

Transforming Into Medicine?

Scorpions and Cone snails are part of some invertebrates with venombeing researched for medical purposes. However, as far as being a vertebrate, this snake is developmentally closer to people. So, a medication created with its venom may be more efficient, says Dr. Fry.

This snake is the first vertebrate on the planet with venom of this kind, says Dr. Fry.

However, the Blue Coral Snake is not common. It’s missing more than 80% of its natural habitat.

Dr. Fry’s team from the US, Singapore, and China plan to study the snakes relatives in Singapore.