Ana Alecia Ayala Says Laughing Is The Best Medicine

Ana Alecia Ayala, 32, was diagnosed with Uterine Sarcoma in December 2015. Surgery got rid of the tumor in her uterus, yet it spread to her spleen. She is currently experiencing adequate in-patient chemotherapy. Her companion, Danielle Andrus, motivated her to move in the sessions. A video of the two dancing circulated the web this week.

One Texas mother is not giving her fight with rare cancer the chance to bring her down. Ana Alecia Ayala, of Dallas, turned into a viral sensation this week when she presented a video on her Facebook. The video shows how she danced her way through a chemotherapy session.

The 32-year-old got her diagnosis in December of 2015 with uterine sarcoma. It is a rare tumor in her uterus. It has since spread to her ovaries and into the coating of her stomach.

Ayala and her husband have a three-year-old girl. She said the couple was striving for a second kid before the diagnosis.

She instantly went through surgery to evacuate the tumor. However in July this year, specialists found another tumor on her spleen, allowing her to experience effects of chemotherapy.

The treatment was so extreme Ayala was in the hospital for four days.

“In-patient treatment was rough at first,” Ayala said. “Being away from our three-year-old was the hardest part. We had her birthday party in my hospital room in July, and the nurses came in and sang to her.”

Danielle Andrus

However, the sessions began to show improvement when she met Danielle Andrus through a wellness assemble and the two turned out to be quick companions.

“She would sit with me in my chemo session always bringing me entertainment – magazines, arts, and crafts. Things to keep me distracted,” Ayala said.

Danielle loves to “shake it,” and the two began to dance amid chemo. To start, they did a routine to ‘Me Too’ by Meghan Trainor.

In any case, they chose to film their second routine and post it online – and individuals are ultimately cherishing it.

In presenting the video on her Facebook, Ayala said: “We want to show the world that laughter is the BEST medicine.”

She said she wants to show that cancer isn’t a death sentence and that it pays to remain confident in terrible circumstances.

” I also want to encourage cancer patients loved ones to step out of their comfort zones (as Danielle did for me) and be silly, have a dance party, be present in the moment and have a great time,” she said.