Odd-Even Parking Restrictions In Grand Rapids

The winter season is coming. In addition to colder temperatures, November marks the beginning of Grand Rapids’ yearly odd-even and same-side parking restrictions.

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 1 through April 1, the city will execute its date-based parking restrictions between 1 a.m. and 6 p.m. The rules apply to 90 miles of odd-even parking roads, and another 5 miles of roads with single-side parking.

Signs around the city will remind drivers which roads have adjusted parking rules. Parking on those roads will flip-flop depending on the date and building addresses along the way.

“Enforcing the odd-even and same side parking regulations in November may seem odd, especially with no snow on the ground,” said James Hurt, chief of the general population administrations office, in an official statement.

“Having these streets open for us to do an effective job in sweeping is a proactive way to ensure we don’t have flooded streets later in the winter due to clogged catch basins.”

Rules On Parking Restrictions

Between 6 p.m. and 1 a.m., parking is allowed on both sides of the road, unless signs limit parking. If you plan to leave your car parked on the street overnight, you’ll need to prepare for the following day’s date. Violators of the policy will face a $20 fine.

The Grand Rapids authorities say they use these yearly restrictions to make space for snow plows and emergency vehicles during the months where snowfall can impede driving and parking paths.

Residents can request to add odd-even winter parking to their road. The process requires a signed petition, review by the traffic safety department, and a vote by the street’s homeowners.