Pining On Pinterest For Pumpkins

Pumpkin patches are full of lines of large pumpkins waiting to be carved this Halloween. With unlimited carving options, from a standard Jack-O-Lantern to a creatively outlined ghost, we thought it would be awesome to find ideas for those that choose not to carve pumpkins. Those wanting a cleaner alternative to decorating pumpkins will love the many ideas on Pinterest.


Without a doubt, painting is an undeniable alternative when attempting to make characters like Pikachu or Dory, yet you can also make stunning examples using an assortment of effects. You can make a marbled effect on little pumpkins with nail polish. You can also paint the top half of little pumpkins in creamy white, chocolate brown, and pastel pink, and add “sprinkles” of color with glitter for a doughnut looking style.

Sharpies can also make great instruments for embellishing pumpkins. Bring intricate sugar skull outlines to life with a couple of Sharpie pens in fun colors. Wider sharpies can make good calligraphy-penned quotes inviting fall.

Another fun idea that children will love is making a colorful pumpkin with molten crayons. Use a white pumpkin and an assortment of pastels. Arrange the crayons at the highest part of the pumpkin with glue. Then bring out the hair dryer! Warm up the crayons and watch as they trickle and liquefy into beautiful patterns.


This idea is ideal for individuals who are not exactly crafty. Floral fabric, patterns, and even Halloween themed fabric is glued easily to pumpkins for a one of a kind look. Cut fabric into shapes, glue to your pumpkin and outline it with sparkles for a unique look. Or you can just glue vertical fabric pieces to coordinate with the pumpkin grooves for a lovely look.

An even easier fabric idea is using old designed nylons. Stretch them over a pumpkin and secure at the stem. Include a ribbon and even bedazzle it a bit for a pretty pumpkin.


Include the beauty of the fall months while enhancing your pumpkins for Halloween. Dynamic shades of yellow, red, and brown are gorgeous when set against a beautiful green or orange pumpkin.

Before you throw all of the falling leaves into bags, choose an assortment of your favorites to add to a pumpkin. Many leaves from all varieties in various hues and patterns is a striking approach.

If you like flowers, try making a lovely floral flowing out of your pumpkin. Dig the pumpkin out and fill with a vase. Then, arrange your favorite bouquet. Incorporate things like curly willows, cattails, and wheat spikes to fill in the daisies, sunflowers, and succulents.