Scary Clown Sightings

There’s recently an abundance of scary clown sightings around the U.S Beginning in August, there were many reports of intimidating clowns, mostly around universities and schools.

Officers dismissed many of these as jokes, but over twelve people are under arrest due to the sightings. Whether or not they are actual threats, police and officials are taking them as a potential safety threat. The sightings are beginning to drain law enforcement resources.

It appears as though more reports of dangerous clowns appear each hour.

A 14-year-old was under arrest in California this week when he was threatening a school on a social media page called “Fontanas Killer Clown.” Police say the teen wants to get more followers on social media and scare people.

Connecticut Police also had a similar threat on social media targeting multiple schools in New Haven. While officials call it a hoax, they’re still taking this very serious.

However, Wednesday near San Francisco it seems to be more than a panic. A mother says she fought someone off that was dressed as a clown that grabbed her infant daughter.

The reports began in August when kids in South Carolina saw a clown enticing them to go into the forest. However, they couldn’t confirm these sightings.

This week, they even brought up the clown sightings during a press briefing at the White House.

Some are upset by the threats, so much that they’re taking the law into their own hands. Hundreds of Penn State University students held a late night manhunt after seeing a clown on campus.

It’s this type of behavior that puts some professional clowns on edge.

Why are we playing into the panic?

However, in addition to the suspects making online threats, some of those who are under arrest are facing charges for making false reports, which makes this situation even more frustrating for police officers across the country.

Meanwhile, the trend appears to be spreading, with similar police reports in England this week.